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Metallurgical Lab Equipments

We at, A. Kumar & Company are engaged in manufacturing and exporting an ample range of Metallurgical Lab Equipments. We use sophisticated technology and machinery to manage the timely production and verify the quality of the products. The products we manufacture are in compliance with international quality standards. Our ranges are competitively advantageous due to its durability and user-friendliness. The product listed under this category is Metallurgical Lab Equipments.

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Salt Spray Cabinet Chamber

Product Description:
ASTM B 117, G 85 A1, JIS Z2371- DIN 50021

The Salt Spray Testing (Fog) Chamber, Salt Spray Cabinet (Fog Chamber) has ability to withstand corrosion due to any working condition for different test i.e. Salt Spray, Acetic Spray, Alcoholic Spray, etc. The required Salty and Humid air parameters are maintained in corrosion test equipment.

Apparatus Consists of:

  • Sturdy steel cabinet with non-corrosive interior of PVC / polycorbonate
  • The glass cover top
  • Unique humidifying tower (bubble)
  • Low water cut-off protection on humidifying tower
  • Automatic solution level control
  • Integral over-protection on all heaters
  • Software based Programmable Microprocessor Controller
  • Time Totalizer for displaying testing time
  • Air Purging system


Water treatment plant to provide filtered & ionized water for testing
Air Compressor.

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 01 Piece
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer),Other
  • Port of Dispatch: MUMBAI, INDIA
  • Delivery Time: 4 WEEKS OR EARLIER
  • Packaging Details: As per Destination & shipment suitability
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Rs 53,500.00
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Strohlein Apparatus

Product Description:

Strohlein (carbon & sulphur apparatus) semi automatic apparatus is used to detect percentage of carbon and sulphur in iron and steel. The scale of apparatus burette is directly calibrated in terms of carbon percentage. The apparatus can detect carbon percentage up to 4.5%. By using interchangeable burettes, the measurement can be taken to 0.25%, 0.5%, 1.5% and 4.5%. Th apparatus furnace attains required temperature rapidly and a high accuracy digital pyrometer indicates the furnace temperature. The equipment can detect carbon or sulphur or both.

Our newly introduce model has host of additional features & advantages over conventional models

Light weight - Thyristor model consists of:


  • Digital voltmeter
  • Digital ammeter
  • Digital automatic temperature indicating controller
  • Safety tripping MCB switches
  • Voltage regulating device
  • Fault detector switch for thermo couple
  • Fault detector switch for furnace and control panel with an indicating lamp
  • Voltage amperage can be increased or decreased by 1 unit and 0.1 units respectively

Advantages of this control panel model:

  1. It increases the life of the heating elements
  2. Les power consumption
  3. Noise less
  4. Minimum maintenance

Refer enclose PDF file for detail

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SI-108-DEX
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 01 Set
  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai
  • Production Capacity: 05 Sets
  • Delivery Time: 02 weeks
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Standard Metallurgical Lab Equipments

Product Description:

We hold the expertise in manufacturing a wide range of Metallurgical Lab Equipments. Our ranges of products are manufactured using superior grade raw materials and components, which are in accordance with international quality standards. Our metallurgical lab equipments are highly reliable and consistent.  All these products are well-known and standard equipments used widely in all labs, which we offer at a reduced cost.


Product Range:

Strohlein Apparatus (Carbon & Sulphur) -Semi Automatic

High Temp. Furnace up to 1450’C

Analytical Balance 0.01mg

Rockwell Cum Brinell Hardness Tester

Digital Immersion Pyrometer & IR (Non Contact) Thermometer

Grinding & Polishing machines Variable speed (Consumables for sample preparation)

Electrolytic Analysis Apparatus

Ultrasonic Crack Detector

Salt Spray Apparatus

Spectrophotometers for single & multi element analysis

Ultrasonic Thickness Tester

DFT Meter (Digital Coating Thickness Gauge)

Water Distilling plant

Electric Hot plate

Poldi Type Hardness Tester

Barometer – Fortin / Aneroid

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Combustion Tube Furnace

Product Description:
Combustion tube furnace, compact & light in weight insulated with world renowned ceramic fiber, having the total length in between 390 to 410 mm fitted with silicon carbide heating elements to provide 660 watts to achieve temp up to 13500 C. To accommodate working ceramic tube of 24 mm O.D. Directly mountable on control panel to avoid back pressure during operation.
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Rs 74,500
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High Temp Furnace

Product Description:
These lab furnaces (0-1500 °C), High Temp Furnace are specially designed to meet the requirements of high temperature applications. In these furnaces, the casing is manufactured using MS reinforced with iron angles. Along with this, the chamber of these furnaces is made of ceramic Zirconium Board having horizontally placed elements. Heating is carried out through silicon carbide rods and controlled through transformer. The furnaces have large surface radiation ratio to enhance thermal efficiency and reduce power consumption. There is a control panel fitted with the furnaces and having digital temperature indicator cum controller.

Features :

  • Maximum furnace temperature upto 1450 ºC
  • Working temperature up to 1400 ºC
  • Operatable in 220 volts single phase AC supply
  • Chamber size (mm)
  1. 100 x 100 x 225
  2. 125 x 125 x 250
  3. 150 x 150 x 300
  4. 200 x 200 x 300

Refer enclose PDF file for details.

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Rs 2,250
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Poldi Type Hardness Tester

Product Description:
We provide our clients with hammer type Poldi Hardness Testers that are used for measuring the Brinell hardness of steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum and copper. These testers find application in foundries, workshops, engineering colleges and technical institutions.
Technical Specifications:
  • Hardened Steel Ball: 10 mm diameter, fixed in a special holder with a spring loaded plunger
  • Standard Test Bar: Each bar individually calibrated and Multiplying Factor marked


  • Measuring range 10 mm
  • Scale graduation: 0.1 mm
  • Magnification: 10x
  • Accuracy of measurement: 0.05 mm

Hardness Tables:

These hardness tables are comparison tables for finding hardness that are provided with the testers. Separate Tables are provided for Steel, Cast iron, Brass, Copper and Aluminum.
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Rs 45,000
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Portable Digital Hardness Tester

Product Description:
We are offering Digital Hardness Tester: Portable Hardness Tester for Metals This series of hardness testers are advanced integrated portable units, distinguished by their compact design, high accuracy, wide measuring range and simplicity of operation.

Based on the Leeb's principle, these hardness testers are designed to carry out hardness tests on metals in various conditions and environments.

This Series hardness testers cover a broad range of applications in industry and supply the required test results, in almost every application, where fixed hardness testers can not be used. These portable hardness testers conform to ASTM A956 standard.

Refer enclose PDF file for details.

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Laboratory Consumables

Product Description:
We stocks & offers complete range of Metallurgical / Metallographic lab consumables like Zircon Crucibles, Combustion Boats, Combustion Tubes, Polishing Cloth, Polishing papers, Glass parts for Strohlein (Carbon Sulphur Appt) Apparatus,

  1. Silicon Carbide Rods
  2. Combustion Boats – KUMAR & INDIAN Make
  3. Combustion tubes – KUMAR & IMPORTED Make
  4. Polishing Cloth
  5. Polishing Emery Papers – IMPORTED & INDIAN Make
  6. Spectroscopy Grinding/Polishing Disc
  7. Zirconia / Aloxite Polishing Disc
  8. Diamond Paste
  9. Lavigated Polishing Alumina
  10. Glass parts & consumables for Strohlein Appt (Carbon Sulphur Appt)
  11. Cold & Hot Mount Powder/Liquid Sets
  12. Mould release spary
  13. Pt Pt Rh Thermocouples & Thermocouple wires
  14. Abrasive cut-off wheels
  15. Abrasive Grinding Belt & Papers

Refer enclose PDF file for details.
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Certified Reference Material

Product Description:
We offers complete & most comprehensive range of Standard Samples & Certified Reference Material (CRMs) for both chemical and spectroscopic analysis are prepared and issued by the world renown institutes.

The finely divided (chip or powder) samples for chemical analysis (BCS-CRMs and euronorm-CRMs) include a wide range of plain carbon and alloy steels, cast irons, ferro-alloys, non-ferrous alloys, ores, slags and ceramic materials.
The solid (disc or block) samples for spectroscopic analysis (SS-CRMs) cover most plain carbon, low alloy and highly alloyed steels, cast irons, and some non-ferrous alloys. Setting-up Samples of carbon and low alloy steels, and of cast irons, are also available.
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Metallurgical Mounting Press

Product Description:
Standard Features:

  • Permanent mounting of metallography specimen for correct polishing results
  • Helps polishing small specimens & edge retention.
  • Reliable hydraulic jack with pressure gauge
  • Mould heater, fast cooling ( air / water ), timer; buzzer facilities, automatic cycles
  • Dual mould capability, Std. mould assembly of 1"


  • Mould assemblies - 1 1/4 " , 1 ½ " , 2 " Dia
  • Dual mould capability

Automatic Features:

  • Just Press a button and get the mould
  • Dual mould capability
  • Pneumatically operated
  • Reliable microcontroller based technology offering complete automation like pressing,heating, holding, cooling (water circulation)
  • Transparant mould capability enabling seeing identification mark
  • Easy mould interchangeability
  • Fast mould production
  • Moulds produced - 1 " , 1 1/4 " , 1 1/2 "
  • Heater - 1000 Watts
  • Cooling - Automatic water circulation
  • Air pressure required - 150 PSI
  • Electrical supply - Single phase

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Rs 49,500
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Grinding And Polishing Machines

Product Description:
We are offering grinding & polishing machines (variable speed), sectioning machines to cover the entire metallography / materialographic spectrum. Providing the perfect solutions for efficient, versatile and reproducible high quality cutting, no matter the specimen size or geometry.

Grinding / polishing sample preparation systems offers a variety of configurations. Fully automated to fully manual materialographic sample preparation systems.

Refer enclose PDF file for details.

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Rs 52,500
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Digital Immersion Pyrometer

Product Description:
Features of Digital Immersion Pyrometer/ carbon/ silicon analyzer & consumables (for Molten Metals):

  • Power Rating: 230 V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Range: % CE = 2.0-4.99 %. % C = 2.0-4.99 %,
  • % Sl = 0.2 to 2.99 %
  • Accuracy: For % CE & C = +/-0.05 %, For % Sl = +/-0.1 %
  • Ambient: 0 °C to 60 °C
  • Power: 75 watts
  • Memory: 64 Nos. With Heat No. Time & Date
  • Printer: Print with any Dot Matrix printer
  • Display: 1” Regular on Instrumental & Additional
  • 4” Jumbo Display Optional
  • RTC: Real Time Clock Provided on LCD display
  • Computer Interface: RS 232 port provided for interfacing
  • Operation Time: 2 to 3 minutes for determination
  • Stabilizer: Provided
  • Hooter: Provided
  • Function Lock: Provided

Refer enclose PDF file for details.
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Rs 10,500
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Ultrasonic Thickness Tester

Product Description:
Features of Ultrasonic Thickness Tester:

  •  Single Step Calibration
  •  Pocket Sized
  •  Feather Touch Keypad
  •  Velocity Setting or Measurement
  •  ± 0.1 mm & ± 0.01 mm Resolution
  •  Large LCD Display
  •  Built-in Calibration Block
  •  100 Hours Battery Life
  •  Automatic V-path Correction
  •  NABL Traceable Calibration Certificate

Refer enclose PDF file for details.

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Rs 9,000
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DFT Meter

Product Description:
Coating thickness gauge measures coatings on steel. It is the highly economical choice that retains the uncompromising quality of coating inspection instruments.

The instrument has built in keys to restore calibration at any place. User can calibrate instrument using standard foils of various thickness of his choice.

Highly compact, handy coating thickness gauge instrument measures paint / coating thickness on steel surface up to 2000 µm. Paint thickness gauge measures non-magnetic coatings on steel. Coating thickness gauge has flexible probe and therefore can be used to test almost all types of locations. Special adapter with curvature adapter is used for testing coating on rods and wires above 6 mm diameter.

Coating Thickness Gauge is supplied in compact box for safe storage of instrument.

Coating Thickness Gauge / DFT gauge is widely used by:

  • Powder coating shops
  • Paint applicators
  • Coating inspectors
  • Painting contractors
  • Anodizing contractors
  • Automotive refinishers & more

    Additional Features:

    • Fast, repeatable measurements
    • No calibration required for most applications
    • ZERO block provided to verify instrument functions.
    • Calibration foils provided with approx. readings
    • Audible and visible measurement indication
    • Basic instructions provided with paint thickness tester
    • Calibration certificate provided with the gauge
    • 1-Year Warrant

    Refer enclose PDF file for details

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    Product Description:
    Spectrophotometers For Single & Multi Element Analysis
    The Optical Emission Spectrometer is specially built to provide rapid, precise, accurate and certifiable elemental analysis in weight percentages of metals. The spectrometer features ruggedness, reliability and accuracy.
    In Optical Emission Spectrometer all elements in a sample emit light simultaneously when the sample is subjected to a high voltage using a silver or tungsten counter-electrode. Since there are many elements in a metal alloy, the emitted light appears as white light. Each element has its own set of characteristic wavelengths and when this white light is focused on a holographic grating [the latest in optical technology] the white light is diffracted [broken] into its component wavelengths, which are in turn focused on a microchip consisting of 3648 light sensitive diodes, known as a CCD or Charge Coupled Device. Based on the well-known concept that the intensity of light is proportional to the concentration of the corresponding element, analytical curves are generated by running Certified Reference Materials, also known as Primary Standards. These curves [one for each element] are stored in a Computer`s memory. When an unknown metal sample is run, the software takes over and referring the respective intensities to the curves stored in the memory, gives the elemental concentrations as direct weight percentages.

    Salient features of Optical Emission Spectrometer are:


    • Arc-spark emission
    • compact, with high stability
    • CCD Detectors
    • fully automatic, up controlled
    • holographic diffraction grating
    • purged & temp-controlled optics
    • optimized for low air consumption
    • latest Pentium PC can be used


    • User friendly
    • Simple multi-choice menu
    • Windows based
    • Allows addition of bases
    • Global & Type matrices
    • results directly to HDD
    • Setup password protected
    • Free upgrades for 2 years


    • 160 - 410 nm
    • Fe- & non-Fe analysis
    • Auto Id - Base and Matrix
    • Wire Analysis possible
    • High Precision & Accuracy
    • Check-burn facility
    • Carbon Equivalent
    • Delete bad burn facility
    • Indication of out-of-grade

    Technical Specifications of Optical Emission Spectrometer Metavision are:

    • Weighs just 25 Kg
    • Dimensions: 170 X 425 X 580 mm/ 7" X 17" X 23"
    • Electrical Requirement: 90-270 V AC, 47-63 Hz
    • Operating temperature: 15 - 30 Deg C /59 - 86 Deg F
    • Storage temperature: 0 - 70 Deg C /32 - 158 Deg F

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    Bomb Calorimeter, Microprocessor Base

    Product Description:

    Bomb calorimeter, with microprocessor base controller. MetLabs India SI-702

    Automatic Maximum temperature rise detection with Alarm indication

    5 soft touch key for easy operation.

    100 Reading data logging

    As per IP-12, IS-1350, P-2 used generally to determine Calorific value of coal & petroleum products. This bomb calorimeter is Isoperibolic type, calorimeter vessel is made of copper, inner & outer vessel is made of stainless steel, Stainless steel Bomb of 316 grade, capacity 300 C. C., non returning valve, electrode pole for firing, crucible holder, crucible of stainless steel, (Nickel crucible is also available by extra cost ), tripod stand, bomb head support, Motorized stirrer by pure AC Motor with rubber belt & pulley, pallet press, pressure gauge with oxygen control cock, copper pipe, nicrome wire, firing unit with Micoprocessor based Digital display Bechman/sensor with readability 0.01 deg. Metlabs SI-702
    Additional Information:
    • Item Code: SI-702
    • Minimum Order Quantity: 01 Set(s)
    • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
    • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai, India
    • Delivery Time: 2 Weeks
    • Packaging Details: Export worthy Box Packing

    Steel Analyser Testing Kit

    Steel Analyser Testing Kit
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