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Oil, Grease And Petroleum Testing Instruments

We at, A. Kumar & Company are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a very wide range of Oil, Grease And Petroleum Testing Instruments all over the world. We use advanced technology and machinery to manage the timely production and to provide defect-free products. The products we manufacture are in compliance with international quality standards. Our ranges are competitively advantageous due to its reliability and compatibility. We ensure prompt delivery of our products at a less expensive price.

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Oil, Grease & Petroleum Testing Instruments

Product Description:


With wide and rich industrial experience, we are able to offer a superior quality Oil, Grease & Petroleum Testing Instruments. We use high-tech electronic components for manufacturing these instruments. These products are very accurate in determination of parameters, and are the best in testing petroleum products for maintaining the quality. Our instruments are widely accepted for its steadiness and efficiency


Product Range:

Abel Flash Point Appt.

Acidity by Extraction Appt.

ASTM Colour Comparator / Discs.

ASTM Thermometers.

Bomb Calorimeter.

Brookfield Viscometer

Burning Test Lamp.

Cleaveland Fire & Flash Point Appt.

Constant Temp Bath

Copper Corrosion Test Appt.

Cloud & Pour Point Appt.

Dean & Stark App.

Distillation Range Appt.

Engine Oil Lab (Portable).

Flow Cup Viscometer.

Foaming Characteristics Appt.

Kinematic Viscometer Bath.

Karl Fischer Titration Appt.

Oxidation Stability Appt.

Oil Sep. on Storage of Grease Appt.

Oil Centrifuge.


Titer Test Apparatus.



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Air Release Value

Product Description:

Air Release value as per ASTM D-3427 & 313, complete set with density balance, water bath circulating system by pump, filter for air purification, hot air zone, glass fittings. (Without compressor & Oven)

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Colour Comparator

Product Description:
ASTM Colour comparator with disc and box as per ASTM D-1500, range 0.5 to 4.0 and another disc range 4.5 to 8.0, division of 0.5, complete set. This would be observe by artificial day light, manual operate.

Three apperture comparator with artificial day light for determining colour of lubricating oil, as per  ASTM D-1500, complete with two discs and magnifying glass & lighting system with knob to compare the colour with sample against distilled water.
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Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point.

Product Description:
Cleveland open  cup Regular model as per IP-36, electrically heated model with energy control, cup with  handle, gas or oil pilot flame, thermometer clip, but without thermometer, run by 220 volt, Ac

NEW ‘L’ Shape Model of stainless steel covered heater with variac control, gas or oil pilot flame, cup/handle, thermometer clip, gas control cock, but without thermometer, run by 220 Volt

Cleveland open cup flash point. ASTM D 92 (Automatic and manual), Temp. Range Ambient - 370°C, Temp. measurement PT 100 Temperature sensor, Temperature scale resolution 0.1 °C, Ignition source Gas or Electric ignition, Cooling Forced air cooling, Heating Coil heating- 880W, 220V, Ac.
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Digital Density Glass Jar

Product Description:
We have the requisite expertise and years of experience in offering the complete range of technically advanced Digital Density Glass Jar as per the requirements of the clients. We present an exquisite range of cost effective products boasting of unmatched features.
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Pensky Martens Flash Point Tester

Product Description:
Pensky martens flash point tester as per IP-34, ASTM D-93 & IS –1448 P-21, electrically heated model with energy control, gas or oil test pilot flame, shutter mechanism top with cup/handle,  without thermometer.

NEW ‘ L’ Shape Deluxe Model, stainless steel covered heater with electronic 6 amp Voltage variac for heater control, neon/switch, cup with handle, shutter mechanism, motorized stirrer, gas or oil pilot flame with cock & ‘Y’ with rubber pipe, reducing socket,  without thermometer, run by 220 –230 volt.

Pensky Martens flash point tester as per IP – 34 & ASTM D-93 & IS – 1448 P-21, electrically heated model as per ‘Stanhope-Seta’, Stainless steel covered heater with electronic 6 Amp. Variac for heater control, neon/switch, cup with handle and shutter mechanism, motorized stirrer, gas or oil test pilot flame, gas cock/control and ‘Y’ /reducing socket to  connect gas pipe, Digital temperature indicator of 1 deg. Display, up to 400 deg. C,  run by 220-230 Volt, Ac.

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Rectangular Kinematics Viscometer

Product Description:
Features of Rectangular Kinematics Viscometer bath as per IP-71, ASTM D- 445/446:
  • 6 tests provision
  • Controlled by  PID type
  • Digital Temperature controller with presetting system of 0.01 deg. C
  • display with high accuracy of 0.01 deg. C
  • temperature range from ambient to 120 deg, C
  • control heater with variac
  • booster heater
  • motorized stirrer with flexible chord by pure AC Motor
  • double walled glass window
  • lighting system
  • top bechalite with 6 hole of 50 mm
  • dia to place the viscometer tubes
  • lid of aluminum
  • without thermometer
  • run by 220 Volt, AC

Features of Kinematics viscometer bath for Six tests provision:

  • as per  IP – 71, IS - 1448 P-25, ASTM D- 445/ 446
  • glass of borosile make heat resistance character
  • size: 12”  dia  X 12” height
  • top cover made of bechalite and jacketed
  • front & back glass window
  • left & right metal body
  • controlled by Micro Processor based Digital Display Temperature controller of PID/ Auto-Tuned type with suitable sensor for accuracy +/-  0.01 deg. C at ant stage from ambient
  • booster heater
  • control heater with variac
  • flexible chord type motorized stirrer of saw teeth blade by pure 1/35 H. P. (GE Motor)  AC
  • one spirit level
  • Temperature range from  35 to 120 º C
  • lighting system at  rear side of bath
  • painted by ASPA or powder coating
  • 6 Nos. Lid
  • Safety devices against overheating
  • Holders for Cannon Fensky viscometer tube
  • run by 220 volt, AC (Without viscometer tube & thermometer)

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Abel Flash Point

Product Description:
Abel flash point as per IP-170 & IS-1448 P-20, full copper body, bob polished, electrically heated model with energy control regulator, gas or oil pilot flame, cup with shutter mechanism, run by 220 Volt, AC.

NEW ‘ L’ Shape Deluxe Model, heating control by variac of solid state system with voltmeter, others are as above.

Laboratory Testing Instruments

Product Description:

Water Distillation Unit, Glass/Quartz

Dean & Stark (Water content) Apparatus

Stormer Viscometer

Brookfield Viscometers

Redwood Viscometer

Evaporation Loss of lubricating grease

Oil  Separation  of grease

Drop Point apparatus

Water Wash-out tester

Rolling Stability of grease

Wheel Bearing of grease, Leakage Tendency  tester

Digital Stop-watch of direct reading 0.01 

Air Release Value


Aniline Point Apparatus

Digital Ph Meter of LCD display

Seal Compatibility Test

TAN-Delta & Resistivity Measuring Instruments

Breakdown Voltage Test for Transformer Oil


Automatic Surface TensioMeter

Oil content of Wax

Cold Cranking Stimulator (CCS)

High Temperature High Shear (HTHS) Appt

Circulating Corrosion Property of Engine Coolant /Antifreeze

Corrosion Test for Engine Coolant /Antifreeze in Glassware
Standards: ASTM D 1384, JIS K 2234

Corrosion Property of Cast Aluminum in Engine Coolant at Heat Transfer Surface (Two Cells Assembly)

Automatic Freezing Point Apparatus for Engine Coolant

Oxidation Characteristics of Inhibited Mineral Oil

Oxidant Characteristics of Lubricating Oil

Rust Preventive Characteristics of Inhibited Mineral Oil in the Presence of Water Standards: ASTM D 665, IP 135

Cec Biodegradable Test
Standards: CEC L 33 A 94

Shear Stability of Polymer Containing Oils

High Load High Temperature Pin on Disc Tribometer

Pin on Disc Tribometer

Four Ball Tester

ICP – Induction Coupled Plasma

AAS- Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Zahn Cup Viscometer of 1 - 5 NB

Ford Cup Viscometer

Viscometer Glass tubes, Cannon-Fenske calibrated at 40 ’C & 100 ’C


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